Today marks the 1 year anniversary of my awakening, my journey to self discovery, facing my ‘dark night of the Soul’ and wow it’s been a journey! 💫

For so long I struggled with my self confidence, my self worth, I had next to no self love, self respect or self trust. I had very limiting subconscious belief systems and overcompensated in many ways

I had NO idea who I was or what I wanted from life. I felt lost.

I was constantly looking for things outside of myself to fill this void. I travelled extensively, partied extensively, partook in substances and dated alot. I still felt empty.

Covid forced me to stop seeking externally and to look internally at what had been wanting to be seen all along.

I met a wonderful group of like-minded women who pushed me into self growth and what a pain it was! But it was definitely needed!

Wim Hof Breathwork, ice baths, re-birthing breathwork, deep meditation, inner child work, reiki, yoga, Vision Quest, Aya and journalling have all helped me along the way to come back to ‘me’.

I’m the person I am today by becoming more aware of my thoughts, feelings and emotions, feeling my feelings and healing from sitting in the discomfort and facing my deep dark wounds

I no longer have the same limiting subconscious belief systems I had 1 year ago and my self worth/love/compassion/trust have all improved dramatically since realising that I was operating from these limiting ‘programs’