Last night a friend of mine pointed out a MASSIVE blindspot that I had not seen before. This spot was so deep that I wasn’t even aware that I was unaware of it! It was a fundamental pillar of one of my belief systems, my programs, that I had been unconsciously operating from since childhood! It went so deep that as soon as he said it, my body shook with rage uncontrollably as this part of my ego, my dark night of the soul, had known it had been spotted and now had to be addressed

I shut down, I had no idea how to process this. A very core stable ground of knowing had been ripped up from under my feet and I was walking through un- chartered territories. What a mind fuck! But I thanked him for showing me this. I needed to know this blindspot in order to move forward with a certain aspect of my life.

Today I’ve been working closely with a friend, going deep into my inner child wounds through meditation and breathwork and healing this part of me… All morning was spent doing this.
Upon reflection of this new insight, so many past things in my life started falling into place and making sense. I was able to go back in time and pinpoint when this belief system formed and why. How fucking incredibly powerful.

So now after many tears and deep seated rage and frustration have been released, I’m able to sit here, holding myself with loving kindness, on this beautiful beach this afternoon and revel at how much I love this journey into my self discovery. How much it hurts at times but the knowledge and wisdom that it’s providing to me far outweighs the thought of never knowing them and being blind to them forever…

How do you process becoming conscious to your unconscious? I would love to know ❤️