My self-love practices look like✨
.Gentle daily meditation- because I appreciate my mind and my breath
.Yoga- because I want my muscles to get a beautiful stretch and I want to flow with my breath
.Spending time alone- because I am my own best friend
.Jogging- because I want to keep my physical vessel in shape
.Eating wholesome food- because I love the cells in my body and want them to function the best they can
. Journaling- because I want to objectively see everything I feel and experience
🌸The last 2 weeks I’ve been pushing myself- to achieve, to be at a certain stage in my self-growth journey and to always have things to work on. When I reach new realisations, I stay in that beautiful flow state for a while before my subconscious mind tells me I NEED to be achieving more and before I know it, I’m off again in my push for more. I get carried away in the push that I forget to surrender and let go of those expectations I’ve placed upon myself. I forget to self-love and have gratitude for where I’ve been and enjoy the process of my journey. This has been a life long struggle that I’ve had and every time the lesson comes round, I get a little bit quicker at identifying when I’m pushing again. I’m learning to be kind to myself and to enjoy the process. I’m learning that dance between my Masculine and Feminine energy and becoming more aware of when I’m in one aspect more than the other.
So I just want to say- you don’t have to be at a certain stage ever, you don’t have to ever compare yourself to anyone else as everyone is on a separate soul path. Enjoy your journey, be kind to yourself and practice self love and gratitude 🥰🌹🤗💞