There’s so much happening in our world now and the process of ‘healing’ is becoming more mainstream and known about. There’s many different avenues that one can approach on one’s journey that it can get overwhelming at times! Breathwork, yoga, ceremonies, meditation, energy healing, kundalini awakening, tantra, ice baths- the list goes on. How do you know what is right for you at any given time?

When I first started my spiritual journey, this overwhelmed the fuck out of me. There was sooooo many cool avenues to delve into but I only had so much time, energy and money to invest on it. I found myself diving into one practice after another, quenching my thirst for more knowledge and delving deeper into my shadow (which i bloody love doing).

After a period of time however, the contradicting language, beliefs and words between modalities started to confuse me even more and I felt like I was right back to where I started. Not knowing where I was going but knowing that I still had a looooong way to go on my healing journey and still searching for that elusive ‘healed’ label I was naively seeking.

It wasn’t until I reached burn-out in my healing journey and had 3 months of hermit mode did I realise what I had been doing. I had been giving my attention and power to all of these modalities that were OUTSIDE of myself. The very thing that I was searching for, was within me all along. I WAS MY OWN MEDICINE. Those 3 months showed me the power of being in silence and stillness with myself and it was there that my most profound healing became apparant. My ability to truly FEEL and know my intuitive abilities. This then cultivated deep self- trust. Something I never had.

If you’re resonating with this, please know that you don’t need to dive into all the external things to feel like you’re healing, your journey is within you, we just gotta get out of our mind and into our heart to listen ❤