Do you trust yourself? And if not, why not?

How hard is it to really trust your decisions, your judgements and your feelings? This was something I struggled with SO BADLY! I couldn’t for the life of me make up my mind and stick to it. I always second guessed myself and couldn’t trust in my ability to make a decision. I was constantly searching for that external validation to prove to me that my decision was valid and worthy. I looked to my family, friends, strangers, colleagues and the government for my answers as allowing myself to answer was very overwhelming and scary. How could I possibly know the answer? I wasn’t worthy of knowing!

Well that all changed when I started tapping into my heart space more. I started tuning into my intuition on a deeper level and started to FEEL in my body when the answer was a Yes or No and when something wasn’t right for me. It started to feel differently in my body and that started my journey of ‘coming back home’ to myself and my power.

When we quieten the mind, and tune into our heart, magic things start happening. We’re able to live more in alignment with our Soul as we can FEEL that alignment start to take place. When we practice listening to our heart, our intuition, on a daily basis, we are accessing pure consciousness. 💗

So start practicing your inner trust today- set yourself a task to achieve- maybe a decision to make or something you have to get done. This time, instead of thinking from the logical mind on what the best option is, place your hands on your heart, breathe and connect, and ask your heart/intuition/Soul. LISTEN and FEEL in your body for the response. Maybe its a little voice, maybe its a feeling or a knowing. Whatever you pick up on, TRUST that and go with it. Soon enough you’ll see just how MAGIC you really are and your self-trust will start to build 😍

I’d love to find out how you build self trust!