I’ve come a long way in my emotional intelligence. I used to be one who thought emotions were weak, vulnerable and immature. I thought that holding emotions in was the way we move forward in life and deal with situations. I was completely in my left brain of reason and logic, in my masculine. If I could rationalise a thought, then there was no room for emotions to come into play.

I never allowed myself to feel anything other than the continual strive of the so-called end-destination emotion of ‘happiness’. I was always in a positive mindset, silently condemning people who were otherwise, to be depressed. I never felt angry and always had it in my mind that anger was an ‘immature’ emotion and one that can be controlled and suppressed.

My oh my, how I have changed now a days! My emotions first really got cracked open about 2 years ago when I did my first re-birthing breathwork session when a tsunami of emotions came gushing out of me- anger, sadness, frustration, shame, guilt. It was the most cathartic thing I’d ever experienced and afterwards I felt f#ckin amazing!

These days I welcome my emotions, allowing the full spectrum to be present when they arise and not judging as any good or bad. I’ve learned to really LISTEN and FEEL my emotions intuitively. They are like little messengers from my subconscious/soul/heart to tell me when I’m not in alignment with my truth. I can honestly say my life has changed since learning the power of listening and feeling my emotions. I’m not all clogged up anymore as i let that energy flow throughout me. It’s kinda like I was unknowingly ‘constipated’ for years and since taking that dump, life has never been so sweet 😆😅

Do you understand your emotions? Or do you sweep them under the surface?