How do you speak to yourself? 👧

I used to be my own worst critic, constantly berating myself about things I did wrong or not good enough. If something wasn’t to my standard I used to call myself ‘stupid’ and ‘idiot’, constantly reaffirming the internal narrative I had created about myself. I was so HARD on myself and had such high expectations of myself that there was no way I was ever going to really meet them! I was already setting myself up for future failure.

It wasn’t until I met my inner child that my internal critic really started to change tune. When I met her, I saw her in this photo- a cheeky 7 year old posing for a photo cross-eyed with a backwards 7 cake that mum baked me for my 7th birthday. I started balling my eyes out crying. Sadness, guilt and grief overwhelmed me for how I had been speaking to her. She was just pure joy and love and cheekiness and I was constantly calling her stupid and that what she was doing wasn’t good enough. WOW! What a fucken wake up call!

Since that pivotal internal meeting of her my whole internal narrative has drastically changed. I’m kind to myself, I’m gentle with myself. When I need time out or rest, I honour my needs. I imagine all of these requests and needs are coming directly from her and I imagine myself speaking directly to her.

She is worthy, she is enough as she is, she is perfectly imperfect. Self kindness and compassion are paramount to living a wonderful life. If you can’t be kind and compassionate to yourself, then that will start to be reflected in your external world.

Imagine if you had a friend who spoke to you the way you speak to yourself, would you even be their friend anymore? 🤔

So I invite you to become mindful and aware of your internal narrative this week, what do you notice? Journal it out or meditate on it.

I incorporate inner child healing into my holistic counselling sessions so if you’re feeling the call to connect, then please reach out ❤