Have you ever realised the connection between ourselves and nature? This is something that I’ve been discovering more and more lately. Through my observations and curiosity, I’ve come to realise that the connection we have with ourselves is in proportion to the connection we have with nature and vice versa. See Nature acts a mirror for us. What we see within ourselves, we see in nature and vice versa.

I first started realising that Nature was a mirror when I went on a 4 day Vision Quest in the bush and was fully immersed in nature there.
Day in and day out. I really could see how she gently guided me to see aspects of myself that I had been disconnected and unaware of.

For me, I know I’ve become disconnected with nature when I’ve become disconnected with myself. When I’ve been too much in my head or too busy to really give back to me, I suffer. When I’m in this state, I don’t make time to be in nature either, and this just adds to the self-perpetuating cycle of suffering.

So how does this work? Well we’re all energy vibrating at certain frequencies and we’re all connected. When we’re in Nature we get a healthy dose of negative ions to help ground and re-connect us to what’s real in life. What’s real isn’t about what’s happening on social media or watching Netflix, it’s what’s happening within ourselves. And when we quieten the outside world and turn inwards, we’re able to see, feel and know what’s important to us establishing a deeper connection to ourself.