I know I rarely did. That is, before I started to realise that the connection we have to our physical body is soooo much more than what it appears to be.

I’ve been working in the operating theatre as a registered nurse for the last 6 years, helping anaesthetise and recover patients undergoing all kinds of surgeries. A lot of these surgeries are acute accidents that have happened requiring surgical intervention. A lot, however, are chronic conditions that have exacerbated and deteriorated over time. I used to think that this is just what happened when you got older, your body just starts to shut down and you get aches and pains. It’s all part of the inevitable process. And yes, I do acknowledge that this is the truth to a certain extent, but how true is it really?

Over the last 6 months I have had a number of clients come to see me for Reiki treatments who have also had some kind of physical ailment. It started to become more apparent to me that some of these clients had also been unconsciously suppressing emotions or not acknowledging certain aspects in their lives that were making them unhappy. I started to wonder if these unacknowledged emotions were in fact having a part to play in their physical body

I was first introduced to the wonderful insightful booked called ‘The Secret language of your body’ by Inna Segal last year and it has changed my perspective on health forever. In this book you can find most common physical ailments and its possible reasoning relating to our emotions or life situations.

Coming from a medical background, I had been taught and indoctrinated that we are just our physical body and when the physical body breaks down, we go and fix it with interventions like medications or surgery. Not once did I ever think there was a connection between the mind, body and spirit and that in actual fact, they are all so closely intertwined that when one is off balance, the others closely follow. This is where my love for Holistic health really started to take off.

I’ve been reading Lissa Rankin’s book ‘Mind over Medicine’ as my homework for my Diploma of holistic counselling course and it’s completely changed my perspective on health forever. Our minds are truly powerful and are capable of causing dis-ease and curing dis-ease.
Our body is a mirror of our lives. The body speaks to us in whispers but when we ignore those whispers, it turns to yelling at us. This is where it pays to be connected to your body, to really listen to it and know it. Ask yourself, ‘What’s the real reason I’m suffering?’ What does my body need to get healthy? Maybe you need to quit your awful job? Maybe you need to break up with your abusive partner? Start turning to yourself for your answers and stop putting all of your trust and power into our doctors and healthcare system.
These days, I’m becoming more and more connected to my physical body. I suffered from anxiety for years and I used to think I didn’t know what the cause was. In hindsight I knew exactly what the cause was but my mind chose not to acknowledge it as facing the truth was harder than experiencing the symptoms. These days, if I so much as wake up with a pain, I immediately sit in meditation and gently talk to that pain and it always tells me what’s wrong and I work on resolving it. I think by just acknowledging our pains, emotions, and feelings we are already building that fundamental connection to our physical selves. Lately I’ve been developing a dull ache in my lower back. In meditation it became apparent to me that I’ve been worrying about finances and sure enough, in Inna’s book, lower back pain is related to worry of finances! Coincidence, I think not!
I know that doing this doesn’t fix or solve all our physical aches and pains but it sure as hell is a great place to start to regain that connection to yourself and lead a happier, healthier life.
What’s your techniques for tapping into your bodies needs? What is your body telling you? What aren’t you acknowledging? I’d love to know ☺️