My journey of self worth🌈 A year ago I didn’t even know what that term meant. I thought it just related to how confident you were within yourself which I saw as being ‘up yourself’. I used to look at people who had high self worth and think they were just so much better than me at everything in life. I used to compare myself to them and put all of my trust into them and thought that they knew so much more than I ever would. I was a major people pleaser, always afraid of not being liked. I would ask all the right questions and show a keen interest in their life so that they could see that I was a great person to be around. I would go out of my way to help anyone, even if it meant my boundaries were crossed, so they could see that I was worthy of being liked I was a social chameleon, I would blend and morph into my social surroundings finding common points of interests to bond over so people could like me easier and approve of me. I sought out validation in all areas of my life- friends, family, work, hobbies. I used to feel like if they didn’t approve of me or my decisions, then how could I approve of myself? I could remember feeling like I didn’t even really know who ‘the real me’ was as I had been all these other types of Me to please the people around me, make them like me and approve of me. Always unconsciously seeking for that validation, that approval that I was ok, a good person, lovable… Until the Universe kicked me in the face and catapulted me on my self awareness journey. Re-birthing Breathwork was the catalyst for change which kicked off my epic adventure to Self and one that has been a wonderful, scary and inspiring journey. The power of breathwork and introspection has awoken me to the realisation of my old ways and has gently guided me onto a more healthy path filled with self-love and appreciation 💞

Remembering your self worth isn’t easy, it’s actually fucking hard, but one that is so so powerful if you want to have a deep connection with yourself. And just so you know, you dont have to fight to prove yourself to others or others that you are worthy. You already are worthy. Our birthright is to remember our worth. Would you look at a baby and think their not worthy? Our friends and think they’re not worthy? So why the fuck do we think about it for ourselves? Conditioning. Conditioning of our limiting subconscious belief systems and programs tells us we’re not. Well it’s time to have awareness of when we have those thoughts or feelings and stop them in their tracks! Who wants to live a life so confined by those limiting beliefs? You don’t have to go looking for validation, approved or love because you already are simply by just Being 🌈
How’s your self worth?