My womb healing journey 🥰

A year ago I wouldn’t have known what this phrase meant. Womb healing? Wtf is that? But my self-discovery journey has finally lead me there and it’s been a wonderful time of deep introspection and healing work. At the beginning of the year, I found myself craving a deeper connection to the Feminine. Not just my feminine but also other like-minded females on their journey of awakening their feminine. In our society, we praise the masculine structure of doing things- logical, structured, always achieving and always productive. I craved a different way of doing my life, my business and my energy that felt more in flow with my natural energy. I found myself in a wonderful sister circle with 30 other like-minded women, embarking on a 10 month long Feminine Embodiment course with the 4 beautiful facilitators- Zoe, Mya, Mindy and Kate.

Holy moly has it been a transformation already! Within 3 short months I am already awakening my inner feminine energy. I’m learning how to feel and move and intuit my energy to my cycle. How to embody practices, how to move intuitively and organically, how to attract rather than chase clients and new opportunities in my life and its been magnetic! The most powerful teaching of all has been healing my womb space. Until recently I had no idea how much shame, judgement, guilt, regret and longing I had been energetically storing in my womb. Sexual shame from many years ago that was so deeply embedded that not even my subconscious knew was there. Shame that had been preventing me from stepping into my power.

Through many powerful meditations, it’s become evident that my womb requires my RESPECT again. Respect for all her creative potential and to TRUST her in this self-healing process. I’m on a journey of reclaiming my feminine power, reclaiming my boundaries, my desires, my needs and most of all, my own trust. Having discernment about who’s energy is welcome in that space moving forward has been the most liberating decision for me and brings me into a space of empowerment.

Our sacral chakra area holds a lot of un-tapped life force, creative energy. This energy centre is all about creativity, sensuality, and sexuality. When we’re blocked here, we can be blocked in other areas of our life. So why not work on unlocking your limitless creative power here with a trained professional in this line of work