What do you feel when you hear this word? The dictionary defines sovereign as “possessing supreme or ultimate power” and placing it with the word ‘self’ implies that power over oneself.

Do you believe this is possible to possess supreme or ultimate power over oneself?
I never used to think this, I thought I was at the mercy of everyone else’s ruling. What they thought of me, what I did, how I behaved in life. Yes, we live in a society where there’s rules and expectations in order to keep peace and harmony, but how much do you abide by those rules unknowingly without question?

The ingrained, inherited ‘rules’ placed down upon us from our upbringing, our teachers, our government, our friends and family? And are you aware when you’re following these ‘rules’ so blindly and unconsciously?

The word ‘Sovereign’ has taken a while for me to absorb and embody its meaning. The first time I heard it I thought of a King having ultimate ruling over everything. But over the years in my journey of discovering myself, I’ve come to realise that we hold that exact same power within us as others do. Over many self-healing journeys, I’ve come to realise that I’m consciousness/spirit in a human flesh-vessel named Elodie navigating this 3D reality. But if we have this realisation then can we see, that we are in fact Sovereign already just by being consciousness and it’s only our human conditioning that has made us to believe that we aren’t?

Let me know your thoughts about my Friday morning meditation musings.