Soul School

A 6-week group program for you to explore your own spirituality with an infusion of science.  Learn the tools to access clarity, direction, and purpose in your life

Soul School Starts July 14th








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I’m here to help you guide YOU back to YOURSELF!

You’ve been feeling disconnected from yourself, your purpose, and your passion?

You’ve been lacking direction and clarity in life and been struggling with your identity and purpose?

Ever wanted the scientific backing to some of the things you have been feeling?

You’ve started your spiritual journey and are curious about the links to science so you can anchor it to your emotional body?

You have an intrigue in spirituality but find it difficult to believe in it as you haven’t found the science to support it? And find it an overwhelming space to navigate?

You’re not sure what you want or need from life and have been feeling overwhelmed, burnt-out and looking for something different to shake things up?

You’ve tried a few different courses, workshops & programs but nothing has felt ‘right’?

Been searching for something greater and more meaningful in life and you’ve been looking for a teacher to help guide you the way?

You’ve been having difficulties in trusting your intuition, decisions, and yourself and haven’t been feeling good enough and needing others to validate you?

You’ve struggled with feelings of anxiety and depression and need guidance on how to deal with them?

You’ve been searching for something, and have been looking for it in the next course, the next relationship, the next job- But still haven’t found it?

You’ve been repeating the same patterns in life- in relationships, career & friends and now you’re ready to take back your life and really live to your full potential?

It’s difficult to navigate this alone, sometimes we need guidance and a helping hand

What if I told you that all the answers you seek are already within, we just need to learn how to listen and see in an entirely new and different way?

Hey, I’m Elodie, and I’ve been where you are

4 years ago, I was lost out at sea, floating around in life with no direction or purpose and not knowing what it was that I needed. I was a total spiritual sceptic but deep down, knew that I needed some-one, some-thing, to anchor me to a higher purpose and give meaning again.

On my 4-year journey of re-discovering myself, I have invested in and attended numerous workshops, courses & programs. They were super helpful and insightful, but it still felt like something was missing but just couldn’t put my finger on it. I felt like I needed to find the answers myself in my own way to truly FEEL connected to myself.

Throughout my journey of ‘coming home to myself’ I’ve discovered that I indeed, had all the answers within that I was seeking externally from others, I just needed to learn how to LISTEN, what to LOOK for and how to FEEL them.

How different would your life look and feel if you could…

Cultivate a deeper feeling of self-trust, self-identity, self-love, and self-confidence

Understand and become aware of your subconscious thoughts, behaviours, emotions, and beliefs

Create a calmer headspace through meditation, understanding the physiological benefits and learning different meditation styles to suit different needs

Feel more connected to your energy, what it is, what it means and how to use it positively

Feel a deeper sense of connection to your intuition and know how to listen and trust it

Feel a deeper embodied knowing of yourself- your passions, needs, boundaries, purpose, and desires

Become aware of your ego and subconscious self-sabotaging behaviours and thoughts

Understand and process your emotions healthily to work with them

Feel a deeper sense of connection to Nature, know the importance of it and learn how it can be a direct teacher and mirror for us to utilise for positive change

Understand and know the scientific evidence to support a more spiritual- minded lifestyle

Take back your power and own your inner guru/teacher/master in life and claim your sovereignty

The merging of Science and Spirit

I’ve come from a science background being a registered nurse for 6 years and loving the logic and reason in life. I used to think this spirituality stuff was woo-woo and denied it. That was until I delved into the science of spirituality.

I believe that science and spirit are inherently connected. We can’t navigate the quantum/energetic realm without our physical body. And life is far too dull without the magic of spirituality.

I believe it’s important to have a thorough understanding and embodied awareness of both sides of the spectrum- combining the masculine and the feminine

Are you feeling a kind of nervous- excitement reading this so far?

I invite you to read on, Dear one…

Introducing Soul School

Soul School: access clarity, direction and purpose in your life through the science of spirituality

A 6-week group program for you to explore your own spirituality with an infusion of science.  Learn the tools to access clarity, direction, and purpose in your life

In this program, using science-backed evidence, I will teach you how to…

  • Re-connect to your vision, purpose and meaning
  • Gain mindfulness and meditation tools and techniques to cultivate a deep awareness of the inner landscape of your mind
  • Re-connect to your heart’s messages, visions, and desires
  • Practice and improve your state of heart-felt gratitude
  • Become the curious observer of your subconscious thoughts, feelings & behaviours and build conscious self-awareness
  • Identify the difference between your ego and intuition
  • Cultivate a deeper sense of self-love and self-acceptance
  • Identify and work with emotions to cultivate a deeper sense of emotional intelligence
  • Learn spiritual hygiene
  • Identify, feel, and see energy
  • Connect to your higher self, to Source and spirit guides safely
  • Connect to your intuition, identify what your intuition type is and feeling when Source/guides communicate to you through signs and synchronicities
  • How to manifest and attract the life your desire
  • Connect deeply to Mother Nature and the importance of feeling her energy and learning from her

If you’re feeling unsure of what you want in life, how to get it or where you’re going, or if you just have a general interest in the science of spirituality, or you’re early in your spiritual path and looking to anchor these practices using science, then I made this for you! I see this occurring so often in my 1:1 clients, a common theme is always present- disconnection from themselves, an unsureness of what it is they want from their life and a mind and body that is holding them back from living their full potential based out of fear. 

I’ve walked this path and I’m here to help you walk yours. Those limiting patterns and beliefs can be changed. You can be the conscious creator and manifestor of your desired life. It is possible. All it takes, is a little nudge on the path that is right for you using tried and tested techniques and tools to re-instil that trust within yourself. Being a part of Soul School will teach you the theory and practical side of these tools and techniques so you can start living your life that’s in alignment with your true desires.

I want to let you know on a little secret on my thoughts of self-help programs. I LOVE encouraging self- sovereignty and self-enquiry! I will never tell you what you should do, but rather impart all my knowledge and wisdom with the tools and techniques I share with you, as a means of self-enquiry for you to get to the answers yourself! I see this too often in self-help programs, people telling us what we should and shouldn’t be doing. This in fact, takes us further away, from figuring out the answers within ourselves by ourselves! This is the ultimate act of self-trust and self-awareness.

Here’s a glimpse into what you’ll be learning


To walk this path back to ourselves, we must first learn how to be aware of our mind. Having a regular meditation practice is the fundamental basis for regaining clarity of our mind and become the conscious observer of our thoughts, feelings & emotions. We need to be aware of that voice that is always narrating everything we do in our day. We will learn the science of meditation & gratitude and the positive effects on the physical body and mental space. You will also be guided to your heart and learn how to differentiate between the stories your mind tells you and the messages from your heart to use this as a tool for the remainder of Soul School.

Mind- Set restructuring

Do you find yourself just operating from your conditioned/programmed beliefs in life? How do we learn to be the conscious observer of our thoughts and beliefs? Self-awareness is crucial to living a life where you’re not at the mercy of your sometimes self-sabotaging subconscious patterns and behaviours. We can become the observer of our actions and behaviours and re-write those programs for the better. In this module we will learn all about the science of the conscious/subconscious mind as taught by Bruce Lipton. We will also learn all about the ego and how we can harness awareness of when it is taking charge to protect us. We will also touch on the simple practice of self-appreciation and self-love and tools to connect you back to yourself through the eyes of love.

Emotional Intelligence

So often we’re living our life from our mind and not so much in our body. Do you often find yourself feeling certain emotions and feelings but not logically sure on why they’re there or what they mean? Having a level of emotional intelligence holds wisdom for interpreting and understanding our deeper needs, desires and boundaries from our subconscious. Sometimes we don’t consciously know what we need until we FEEL what we need. In this module we’ll learn how to tune in to those feelings within us and interpret them consciously. We’ll also learn the quantum/energetic component of our emotions and how we can be more mindful of blocked emotions and learn to safely release them.

Energy Basics

Building on module 3 from emotions, module 4 is all about energy and the quantum realm based on teaching from Dr Joe Dispenza. Emotions are energy in motion and when we can become aware of that, we can master our energetic state as well. In this module we will also learn how to see, feel & perceive energy, how to practice safe spiritual hygiene, interpreting another person’s energy from your own and how to protect your energy field. This module is very fun and playful and if you’re not used to connecting to energy, will be very new to you

Interpreting Intuition

We all have an intuition, that psychic ability that watches over us and protects us from harm or tells us when something is right for us. Over the decades, this innate ability has been lost or not practiced as science has taken charge and logic and reason has prevailed. We will learn the art of connecting to your intuition, the 4 (or more) different types of intuitive styles and how to trust that intuition. This module is where we will begin to learn how to connect to our guides/source/consciousness/higher self/God and tuning into the ways in which they communicate to us through signs and synchronicities. We will build that self-confidence and trust in knowing/feeling what is true and right for you.

Nature Connection

Nature can teach and show us so much if we stop and look and listen. In this final week we will venture to a local waterfall on the Sunshine Coast for ½ day and be immersed in the natural world. You will learn the importance of nature connection, earthing, nature philosophy, the ancient teachings of the Druids and how to remain the observer of Nature. Included in this day is a 1 hour ‘sit-spot’ where you will harness all the learned teachings and tools from Soul School to bring it all together to be the witness in Nature. Afterwards, we will finish with a sharing circle and a yummy lunch!

Here’s what’s included for 6 weeks in Soul School

  • 6 x weekly training videos teaching you the science and theory, will be uploaded every week in the Soul School private online portal (Value- $300)
  • 6 x weekly group zoom calls every week  (Value- $600)
  • 2x half-day in-person immersions on the Sunshine Coast (Value- $300)
  • Private Facebook group access with ongoing support offered to you for the duration of Soul School (Value- $200)
  • Module workbook to use as a guide to your learnings with the tools and techniques (Value $200)
  • 15 day meditation & gratitude journal to keep your accountable to your daily routine (Value- $50)
  • Recorded guided video on how to connect to energy, your intuition and putting up a energy bubble for you to refer back to at any time (Value- $200)
  • Replays on any online teachings for you to access at any stage for the next 6 months
  • Being immersed in a group of like-minded people looking to regain clarity, direction, and purpose in their life with the potential to make life-long connections with each other (Value- priceless)
  • Comprehensive list of suggested optional books, podcasts and documentaries for you to consume to gain further information and knowledge
  • Comprehensive list of further meditations and information you can watch and listen to
  • Be a part of the Soul School alumni FB group to stay connected to everyone who has journeyed
  • BONUS– 3 x recorded guided 10-minute meditations to use for your daily practice (Value $100)
  • BONUS– Guided heart-felt and body- scan recorded meditation to use when you desire (Value- $100)
  • BONUS– Specific journal prompts on how to build self-awareness (Value- $50)
  • BONUS– 1:1 sessions available for a 10% discount to all Soul School students

Total Value over $2000


Investment- only $888

Or 2x $450 instalments on a payment plan

Early Bird Special-

The first 4 people who sign up will recieve a FREE Soul School embossed journal and crystal worth $50!

Doors Close Friday July 8th at 5pm!

What previous students are saying about Soul School 

Soul School was such an informative & supportive journey. Definitely got so much more out of it than could have ever expected. Elodie is a wealth of knowledge. The joining of spirit and science is fabulous and facilitated so many ‘aha’ moments. And you get to embark on the journey with such a great group of people. Your spiritual toolkit will definitely be a lot heavier after the course – with so many great new tools and learnings gained.


Wow – Elodie is a wealth of knowledge! Her first-hand knowledge and experience in both science and spirituality was beyond what I expected. She explained things perfectly and really made me think about things in a new light. I recommend Soul School for anyone wanting to learn more about science and spirituality and easy to implement tools and techniques to access clarity, direction and purpose


I found that the Soul School content over the 6 weeks was very informative, interesting and there was never a week where I left without learning something new! This is a course that is suitable for those who have just started looking into spirituality and also for those who have already started their journey. I definitely recommend signing up for Soul School as you will meet other amazing and like-minded people and have a lot of fun while learning more along the way.


How Soul School will run

The first Soul School video will be dropped on Friday 8th July in the online portal for you to watch prior to our first zoom call on Thursday 14th at 7pm. Each Friday the learning video will be dropped in the online portal for you to watch and take any notes. In your workbook you will find the activities to practice each week

Every Thursday night from 7:00-8:00pm aest we will get together and have a zoom live call where we will have the chance to practice the tools you learned from the learning video and ask any questions about the content and share any findings/stories. You will then have until Friday to practice that week’s content before moving onto the following week

At the end of weeks 3 & 6 we will have our in-person 1/2 day immersion event on the Sunshine Coast. First immersion event will be Saturday July 30th and we will be practicing all of the tools that you will learn from weeks 1-3. The second immersion event will be Saturday 20th August where we will practice all the tools you learned from weeks 4-6. These immersion days are designed for us to get together in person to play and practice the tools and techniques.

Soul School is open to anyone regardless of location, however, the added extra bonus of being locally on the Sunshine Coast (or travelling to the Coast) means that you can attend the immersion days which are lots of fun.

Soul School is for you if

You’re searching for more clarity, direction, and purpose in your life

You’re wanting to step into your truth and become aligned with who you really are

You want to remember your power and return to your sovereign self

You’re wanting to learn the science behind spirituality

You’re yearning to be more connected to your heart, soul and intuition

You have a deep interest in knowing yourself on a deep, fundamental level

You’re wanting to stop your self-sabotaging subconscious patterns and habits and step into your conscious power

You’re looking to deepen your meditation, gratitude, and self-awareness practice

You’re wanting to know more about nature-based philosophy and practices

You have an intrigue for the quantum/energetic realm and keen to be guided and shown how to connect to your energy and to your Guides

You want to be in a fun, supportive and exciting container with other like-minded Beings.


Meet your teacher

Hi! I’m Elodie Weith and I’m a Holistic Counsellor & Life Coach, Reiki Master, 200 hr Vinyasa & 50-hour Yin Yoga Instructor, Meditation Therapist, Yogic Breathwork Coach, Access Bars Practitioner, Reflexologist and Registered Nurse.

I’m the owner of Sunshine Holistic Wellness- a soul-led business that is dedicated to holistic health and wellness incorporating the mind, body, and soul. My purpose is to serve others and to provide the clarity and direction for others to reach their true purpose and live in alignment with their true desires. I have a science background being a Registered Nurse in the operating theatre for about 6 years which is where my love for understanding the physical body and logical thinking stemmed from.


I have always had a keen interest in the spiritual, delving into meditation and intuition from my early 20’s and exploring the world, travelling and learning as much as I could between the ages of 18-28. My ‘awakening’ occurred at the height of Covid in April 2020 where my dive into everything spiritual was catapulted. It was like a giant kick up the bum from the Universe and I have been loving the ride ever since!

Over the years, I have attended a 10-day silent Vipassana meditation retreat, embarked on a 4-day Stalking wolf lineage Vision Quest, engaged in numerous plant-medicine ceremonies, bathed in countless ice baths, delved into inner-child therapy sessions, been ‘re-born’ in multiple ‘rebirthing’ breathwork sessions, invested in countless hours of reading materials, documentaries and podcasts, facilitated traditional Mexican Temazcal sweat lodge ceremonies and facilitated countless hours of 1:1 client safe spaces.

I have firsthand experience with debilitating anxiety, depression & panic attacks for over 2 years when I was 27-29 and during that time, spent over 12 months in therapy sessions with a psychologist. I was direction-less, lacked clarity and had developed a deep dis-trust in my intuition. I had zero love or respect for myself and craved external validation from everyone to reassure me of my worth. The sessions spent with a psychologist was useful at the time but found that I was still going around in loop patterns with my thoughts and behaviours. It was all ‘talking’ and not enough ‘embodying and feeling’. It wasn’t until I became connected to myself through these tools and techniques that I have learned on the way, that things really started making sense and I could see change and feel in my life.

Soul School is a culmination of all the wonderful holistic tools, techniques, and modalities that I have learnt, absorbed, embodied, and taught to clients as a means of self-growth and self-actualisation. I bring a science-infused spiritual approach to Soul School as I truly believe that they work hand in hand as a means of completely understanding and embodying our full selves. I have invested in over $50,000 in programs, courses, degrees, learnings, portals, workshops & events to bring me to where I am today, and I have loved every minute of it. I can’t wait to share all my learnings and embodied practices with you

My studied background-

  • Certificate in Reiki level 1, 2 and Master course
  • 200hr Vinyasa and 50 hr Yin Yoga teacher course
  • Diploma of Holistic Counselling & Life Coaching
  • Certificate in Holistic Human Development
  • Certificate in Brain body Medicine
  • Certificate in Autonomic Nervous System Re-alignment (ANSR) therapy
  • Certificate in Meditation therapy and Yogic Breathwork teaching
  • Certificate as an Access Bars practitioner
  • Certified Reflexologist
  • Post-graduate certificate in Anaesthetic & Recovery nursing
  • Bachelor of Nursing Science (Registered Nurse)


When does Soul School start? Soul School will officially start on Friday July 8th when the week 1 video will be released in the online portal. You will have until Thursday 14th July to watch and practice the activities prior to our first Zoom call on Thursday night

How long does Soul School go for? 6 weeks in total

What are the Zoom dates? Thursdays July 14, 21, 28, August 4, 11 & 18. 7:00pm-8:00pm

Will the Zoom sessions be recorded to watch later? Yes they will be but I highly advise that if you can make the live calls you will gain much more from the zoom sessions.

Where and when will the in-person half-day immersions be held? They will be held on the Sunshine Coast, preferably somewhere in nature. The dates for the immersion days are Saturday July 30th and Saturday August 20th.

Do I have to attend both half-day immersions? Ideally yes as this is where the fun and play is! By attending the in-person immersions you can build greater connection with your fellow Soul School students and really embody the teachings.

What if we live too far away to attend the immersions? If you can’t make the immersions due to living away you could make a trip out of it and visit the Sunshine Coast on those weekends so that you can experience that.

Do you offer payment plans? I want to keep this course accesible to all so Yes, there’s a payment plan of 2 x $450 available. First amount must be paid prior to Soul School commencing on July 8th. Second amount must be paid by 29th July. There’s such power when we invest in ourselves and that monetary cost will help keep yourself accountable to the teachings and in-person immersion.

What do I get if I sign up for the early-bird special? For the first 4 people who sign up before June 27th you will recieve a FREE Soul School embossed journal with a crystal to help with your self-discovery journey (valued to $50)

What else is offered in Soul School? As a Soul School alumni, you will also receive 10% off holistic counselling & coaching, reiki, reflexology or access bars sessions valid until September 1st 2022. You will also receive a certificate of completion from Soul School which you can show proudly on your fridge 😊

How do I access the teachings, meditations & resources? Everything will be done via the private Soul School Facebook group and the online learning portal

When do I need to watch the online teachings by? Each Friday the learning videos are released and you have by the following Thursday to watch them and practice the activities. The Thursday night zoom calls are informal and a place to connect and share experiences

What if I have questions? You can use the Facebook group to ask any questions or share revelations with your fellow students and myself for the course of the program. If I’m finding that there’s a lot of questions around similar topics then I can organise a pop-up Q&A recorded Zoom session for everyone to watch

What is your refund policy? If you find that Soul School isn’t for you within 7 days of commencing, you’ll be entitled to receiving a full refund. But I would love some feedback in my completion survey so that I can find more about why it’s not for you


Catch the zoom masterclass replay to learn more about embodied responses, energy bubbles and info about Soul School