How often do you give your power away unconsciously? Turn to others for advice before stopping to ask yourself first?

This is something that I have done my whole life and wasn’t even aware of it! If I ever had a decision to make, big or small, I would immediately seek external advice and assistance to help me out. Not once, did I ever turn to my own intuition and consider sitting with the situation and thinking/feeling about what I thought was best for me.

This is a common theme to see in a lot of people as society has always taught us from a young age to seek advice from others. Put our ‘power’ outside of ourselves. I wasn’t really taught how to decide for myself growing up and even up until I was 29 I was still asking my mum for advice on topics that I really could have figured out myself if I just sat with them longer.

Now that I’m more aware of this common thread in my life, I see this everywhere now, in friends and clients. People aren’t trusting themselves, not trusting their own judgement, experience or advice. We think that we don’t know what the ‘right’ thing is to do or we think that we’re not experienced enough to know what’s best for ourselves. But I tell you what, you know you better than anyone else out there, even your family! You’re the only one who has had your experiences and knows how you really feel about certain things. The more you seek externally from others, the more you’ll be influenced by their past experiences, behaviours and belief systems. So aren’t you better off with sticking to what YOU know to be true and accurate?

Whenever I feel like I don’t have the answer and I want to seek externally, I do this-

1)     Stop and breathe. Ground yourself. Slow your breath. Come back to the present

2)     Place my hand on my heart and connect to my heart beat. Get grounded and tune into you

3)     Ask myself the question that I’m seeking the answer to

4)     Listen to my inner knowing, my inner truth, my Soul for what she wants

5)     Have the conversation with myself as if I’m talking with a friend. Be kind, open and loving

6)     Honour what she is saying to me and TRUST her

It’s really not that difficult but if we can learn to come back to our TRUTH, then you’ll always retain your power within and you’ll find yourself seeking externally less and coming back to your most empowered state