Elodie has this undeniable ability within her. Her intuitive abilities are freely flowing which enables her to read you like a book! Such great insight to what you need to know about yourself. The insights that you get from her reiki treatment are like no other! Once identifying the stored energy from your past experiences that you have not let go of, she then guides you with the responsibility that you need to take in order to heal, let go and grow. Look at Elodie’s reiki as insights you need for a direct path for yourself. If you have it all in front of you, there is no questioning anymore why you’re in low energy, negative emotions, conflict within…. the other side of this is increased energy, joy, happiness and enjoying this life how you should enjoy it! We have started working together with people- to see the problems, then giving the tools to fix the problems. So excited for this journey together! 🙏 🤜🤛 Bec O2U – O2u.com.au