Wow! My first Reiki blog post! How exciting! I’ve been thinking for some time about what I should write about as unfortunately writing doesn’t come super easy to me. However, I became inspired through my Diploma of Holistic Counselling course that I’m currently studying. Our topic this week was about subconscious reprogramming and states of happiness. Our assignment this week was to interview 5 people and ask them a series of questions on what they think happiness meant. I asked them questions such as ‘what do you think happiness is’, ‘what emotions do you associate with happiness’ and ‘what could make you more happier’. Before I even asked the questions, I had a pre-conceived idea of what they might answer based on their personalities. I even did the activity as well just to see what my new perceptions of happiness was at. But my findings from my friends and family were quite eye opening and some what heart breaking. Two friends reported to me that they’re currently only sitting 5/10 on the happiness scale and stated that they’d be happier if they had a million dollars. A million dollars! Wow, that’s a lot of money! I can completely see their point of view as yes, money would make life a lot easier in certain situations. I was more surprised at the answers they reported. A few said that when they finally achieved certain goals or milestones, then they would feel like they could settle down and relax and become happier. Why did they have to wait to achieve or gain these things before happiness could be experienced?

Luckily, I could majorly empathise with them and see where they were coming from. Speaking from my experience, for the past 10 years, I have been running all around the world in the pursuit of happiness. I backpacked extensively through second world countries, getting myself in all sorts of random and sometimes scary situations, which for me was exhilarating. I taught English in China, lived with the Monks in Thailand, attended a Japanese high school for 3 months, attended a 10-day silent meditation retreat, worked and snowboarded around the world, partook in numerous psychedelic experiences, drank ALOT of alcohol, immersed myself in ice baths, attended numerous sound healings, received Reiki sessions, Psychic readings and even got re-born just by using my breath in a certain way. And you know what I discovered? That all those years that I had been chasing the elusive feeling of happiness, it had been in my heart the whole time! What a mind fuck! How had I not seen this? How had I not realised this?

In this day and age we’re programmed to believe that “I’ll be happy when (insert crazy achievement here)”. Why are we doing this? We think that being happy means achieving certain external outcomes such as- more finances, a new job, a new relationship, a new experience etc. But some people have the deep understanding that happiness is indeed a state of mind. It’s all internal. The emotions of happiness can always be accessed whenever we want to experience them. We just must be aware of having something to be happy about. Happiness can always be achieved from our internal sources and can be experienced from something as small as sipping a hot cup of tea on a cold and rainy day, or holding hands with the person you love. A lot of the time we fall into the trap of believing that happiness will be achieved WHEN we get or acquire a certain something. What if we never get this thing? Will we forever be searching to the end of the world to gain this emotion of happiness? What if when we finally achieve or acquire the thing we’ve been desiring, and we feel the emotion of happiness, how long does it last before our minds are on to the next thing to strive towards to make us happy? I’ve also discovered from a lot of experience, that the emotion of happiness is a continually moving target that seems to always be just out of reach. The moment that we do reach and grab it, it may be felt for a short time before the target is moved onto the next thing.

What do we do if this feeling of happiness is always moving? What will we do then? If that’s the way our subconscious mind is programmed to operate, then there will never be any pleasing us. What a life to lead, never being satisfied or content with the here and now! Always searching, chasing, desiring, wanting the thing external to ourselves. It seems hopeless doesn’t it?

Don’t fret! There is hope! I’ll let you in on a little secret, we have it all within us! We are our own source of happiness! All the answers, desires, needs, wants, all lie within us already. We are the soul creators of our existence and our source of emotions such as happiness. No one else or nothing else is responsible. Only us. And you know what, we have everything that we ever desired already within us. All it takes, is coming back to the present moment and being in GRATITUDE for what we have already. I know that the concept of this might sound corny or basic but practising gratitude is the secret to all of life’s desires. Being in a felt state of gratitude forces us to be in the present moment. Right here, right now. When we start to develop a daily practice of gratitude, our subconscious mind is becoming re-wired to see all the beauty in our lives already. We are everything and everything is within us already! That in which you seek is within you already!

I know this concept might seem a bit bewildering to some people- “but how can I be grateful when I still have so much I want to achieve or fulfil”? I used to ask myself this all the time. Forever searching for something new and exciting to give me hope that happiness was just around the corner. You start small, baby steps. You start to reprogram your subconscious conditioning of feeling that happiness has to be something you have to work hard at achieving and experiencing. This can also come down to worth, do you think you’re worthy of experiencing happiness everyday? For a lot of people they don’t believe this. That is why, starting small, is crucial for this process of changing your mindset.

Two practices that are crucial for feeling happy are meditation and felt gratitude. If you don’t have it in your daily practice already, make it a habit to start meditating for at least 10 minutes EVERY SINGLE MORNING. Morning is best for meditating as our brains are in that nice relaxed Theta brainwave state. Theta brainwave state is synonymous with our subconscious state and is also the state where peak spiritual experiences and higher states of consciousness can be accessed. Meditating in this state has also been proven to be effective with reducing stress and anxiety, repairing damaged cells and suppressed emotions or memories may rise to the conscious surface for us to become aware of and process.

Next, go out and buy yourself a beautifully decorated Gratitude book or journal. I love the ones that they sell in the book store and it makes me excited to write in it everyday. Every single morning, after meditation, write down at least one thing that you FEEL truly grateful for. You write it down and FEEL the emotions of the thing that you’re grateful for. When we start to incorporate emotions into our daily gratitude practice, we are re-wiring our nervous system and subconscious state to truly feel the feeling which is much more powerful than just thinking about it. When we FEEL it, we are operating out of our heart space. When we think it, we are operating out of our analytical/logical head space. The heart space is where emotions are felt and when we’re in a more connected state in our heart, emotions flow freer and easier in our lives opening us up to the magic and wonder of our existence on this earth. When we’re operating in this space, love and abundance becomes apparent everywhere and we see the beauty in all situations. When we’re in this space, a beautiful space of felt gratitude, we see all of the wonderful opportunities, situations, positions and people that we have in our lives already and the emotion of happiness will flow to you abundantly without you even needing to go chase it.

Another little hack I’ve learned along the way is to change your wording around certain sentences that you say to yourself everyday. Instead of saying begrudgingly – “I have to go to work”, say “I get to go to work”. For a lot of people on this Earth, work is something that many strive to do but can’t for various reasons. Perhaps some people don’t have the best health which enables them to work, perhaps some don’t have the education due to low socio-economic status, or perhaps some suffer from debilitating mental illnesses. If we change the way we speak about the things that we don’t like doing, they start to turn into a privilege rather than a pain and just by changing your perspective, can change everything.

So, still wondering how we all have the state of happiness within us already? Then go and try it out for yourself! Mediate daily! Feel the feelings of true gratitude! Change the narration of your mind and start to see the beauty in all of life’s situations. Be fully present in the moment. Love the ones you love, take pleasure in your current experiences and situations as it is all part of the greater plan of your life’s path. And remember, nothing is permanent, not happiness, not our situations, and not even us. So make the most of this journey called Life. 🙂

If you’d like to find out more information and tips and tools on starting a daily meditation and gratitude practice then book in a Reiki energy healing session with me on the Sunshine Coast! Reiki is a beautiful loving energetic healing practice that assists with identifying blockages in our energy body or Chakras. I help to identify things or areas that you might be unconsciously holding onto and Reiki energy helps by allowing you to become consciously aware of these limitations or beliefs so you can best process and let go of them.