When you look at this tree what do you see?

This tree captivated me today, all of the bark flaking off, the inconsistency of coverage and the rough and smooth edges. I sat there mesmerised and perplexed by its beautiful ugliness. There was this tree with intact layers up until eye height then above, suddenly in disarray. I started seeing reflections of my current life mirrored back at me. The unpeeling of the layers, the patchy-ness of different types of bark, the multiple textures and the bare, smooth trunk that lay untouched and pure underneath it all. There was something strikingly vulnerable about witnessing this tree in its process of shedding, shedding old bark that no longer served it for its growth. Different layers of colours and consistency. This tree was just there, doing its thing in the world and going through its un-barking process. No judgements, no attachments, no resistance. Thank you tree for my message that I so needed today. No matter how messy or ugly unravelling and peeling the layers may seem, just know that it’s a beautiful transformation that is necessary to get to that lovely fresh new centre. I bloody love trees 🌳