Lets talk about self-worth! Self-worth has been a massive part of my healing process and these traits were just some that I found myself subconsciously playing out. ⁠

All humans have varying degrees of self-worth and that’s ok. Its when the lack of it starts to play havoc on our lives and prevents us from being in our power, is when we need to check-in with it. ⁠

Self-awareness is everything on our healing journey. We need the awareness to discern as to when we’re subconsciously performing any of these traits, which can perhaps signal a lack of self-worth. ⁠

If you find yourself operating from this subconscious space, stop, breathe and ask yourself ‘why’- “Why am I needing this?” “Why am I seeking this?” “Why am I doing this?”. Stop and take a moment to reassure yourself that YOU ARE WORTHY AND LOVABLE as you are.⁠

You don’t need to be anything more or less, you don’t need to look any better or worse, you don’t need to prove yourself to others- You are literally limitless consciousness dressed in a meat-suit plonked in this 3D reality floating on a chunk of rock in vast space… You’re doing fine as you are x⁠